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Since my first show in 2003, Bryan School of Dancing  and Miss Amanda have helped shape me into the person I am today.  With my newfound confidence and sass, I have assisted Miss Amanda with teaching  the students for over 10 years . This amazing opportunity has allowed me to see similar  growth and progress amongst younger students , which is truly inspiring! Bryan School of Dancing is a journey which I never want to end! 

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I have recently joined Bryan School of Dancing, after previously training at Pattisons college. I am not only grateful for the opportunity to continue my dance journey at Bryan School of Dancing , but also to be positioned by Miss Amanda as a student assistant.  I am able to apply my dance experience in teaching, yet simultaneously develop as a dancer in dance classes each week! Although my Bryan School of Dance journey has just begun, I have enjoyed it so much to the extent I hope to undertake my teachers exams in the future!

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From as long as I can remember, Miss Amanda has been a role model to me, so the opportunity to work alongside her as a student assistant has been a privilege! I have been able to emerge myself in a space of all things dance, by gaining an insight into how the dance school is run, teaching younger students and throwing myself into dance classes each week; all of things that help make Bryan School of Dancing the tight-knitted community it is! 


The opportunity to assist Miss Amanda with teaching has so far been really rewarding! I have enjoyed contributing to the fun and safe environment that is Bryan School of Dancing, where students are always willing to learn and a pleasure to teach!  I look forward to continuing my dance journey with Bryan School of Dancing for many years to come! 



I joined Bryan School of Dancing after moving from Kent and instantly fell in love with it. The friendly environment and the feeling of being part of a family is indescribable. When the opportunity came to assist Miss Amanda, I jumped at the chance and love being at my second home more than just one day.


After joining Bryan School of Dancing over 13 years ago, Miss Amanda has helped me to build my confidence allowing me to grow not only as a person but as a dancer. Being given the opportunity to assist Miss Amanda with the younger students after so many years is not only rewarding but allows me to help others to build their confidence, allowing them to be the best they can be.



I joined Bryan School of Dancing after spending a few years with Miss Amanda at a performing arts academy. I quickly fell in love with her teaching style as she helped me form a positive mindset around dance. Having the honor of being a student teacher has not only made me a better dancer but has given me a better understanding of the time and effort that goes into being a good teacher. I look forward to the future of my journey with Bryan School of Dancing!


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