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Since my first show in 2003, Bryan School of Dancing  and Miss Amanda have helped shape me into the person I am today.  With my newfound confidence and sass, I have assisted Miss Amanda with teaching the students for over 15 years . This amazing opportunity has allowed me to see similar  growth and progress amongst younger students , which is truly inspiring! Bryan School of Dancing is a journey which I never want to end! 

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From as long as I can remember, Miss Amanda has been a role model to me, so the opportunity to work alongside her as a student assistant has been a privilege! I have been able to emerge myself in a space of all things dance, by gaining an insight into how the dance school is run, teaching younger students and throwing myself into dance classes each week; all of things that help make Bryan School of Dancing the tight-knitted community it is! 


The opportunity to assist Miss Amanda with teaching has so far been really rewarding! I have enjoyed contributing to the fun and safe environment that is Bryan School of Dancing, where students are always willing to learn and a pleasure to teach!  I look forward to continuing my dance journey with Bryan School of Dancing for many years to come! 



I joined Bryan School of Dancing after moving from Kent and instantly fell in love with it. The friendly environment and the feeling of being part of a family is indescribable. When the opportunity came to assist Miss Amanda, I jumped at the chance and love being at my second home more than just one day.



I joined Bryan School of Dancing after spending a few years with Miss Amanda at a performing arts academy. I quickly fell in love with her teaching style as she helped me form a positive mindset around dance. Having the honor of being a student teacher has not only made me a better dancer but has given me a better understanding of the time and effort that goes into being a good teacher. I look forward to the future of my journey with Bryan School of Dancing!


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I’ve been dancing with miss Amanda since I was 5 and have loved every bit of it and I still do. She makes me so happy and I always look forward to seeing her every week. She has not only made me confident in dance and doing what I love but has given me the best opportunities and helps me try new things. After dancing with her for 7 years I am now able to help teach the younger ones and watch them grow  and building confidence just like me when I was their age. I can’t wait to do more dancing and teaching with miss Amanda. Miss Amanda has helped me be the best dancer I could possibly be. 

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